Swift & deadly
The History 1946 - 1981 founded by Sid & Elva Churches.

Compiled by Barry Churches.


Taipan Projectiles The history 1946 - 1981

Has been compiled as an official historical document with the help of the "Churches" family members and other contributors.

The account is compiled in a chronological order from the beginnings of the fledgling business, founded by Sid and Elva Churches in 1946
up to the time the company machinery was sold thirty five (35) years later in 1981.

The account also includes pre-Taipan, projectile manufacturing, Sid and Elva's early Firearm and Shooting days,
with events leading to manufacturing Australia's best "Hunting" projectiles from 1946 to 1974.

The operation of Taipan Projectiles Gunshop (1967-1981) is also covered. Existing company records, letters,
family members records and recollections, "old" customers letters and recollections as well as printed "media"
records have been used in this compilation. Notations and quotes are attached with the relevant information enclosed.

A contributors list has been compiled and we thank all of them for their written, oral and photographic contributions.

Lastly, this account of Taipan Projectiles is a work inprogress, and many areas are not yet complete, or under construction.
It is envisaged that a book will become available and this website will be the first to announce it when it happens.

In the meantime I hope this work is of interest to you.

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